Michael Christopher Matson

Michael Christopher Matson (MCM) is a six-generation Texas artist whose artistic expressions include sculpture, printmaking and drawing. He began his career working in the neon sign trade with the family that constructed the Pegasus in downtown Dallas and later attended Southern Methodist University, where he was awarded a BFA, graduated magna cum laude, in printmaking and sculpture. MCM moved to west Texas in 2017 to begin Spade Studio and Gardens: a studio dedicated to art and nature.  Spade Studio and Gardens practices and promotes biodynamic gardening and beekeeping. MCM has received praise for his extensive understanding of materials, the production of monumental sculptures and dramatic lighting exhibitions. MCM seeks to produce an otherworldly experience through sculpture:


"I am interested in monumentality and extending it, pushing it further and further, through lighting. Subsequently, the work has a more direct relationship with the environment. By this, they transcend their normal roles and the surrounding space transforms into blank canvas for the sculptures to paint. Even, the spectator is in this dialogue and impacts the works’ communication with the space. Ultimately, I seek to produce works that speak to the natural world and inspire one to dream and utilize art to promote sustainability and working with the environment for a better tomorrow.” (MCM)